About Us


Eleonora is the founder and managing partner of Eleonora’s Handcrafted Biscotti. She grew up in a family of restaurateurs, Chef's and Bakers. Eleonora decided to keep with the family tradition and studied for 4 years at Ryerson earning a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and a Diploma in Nutrition and Marketing. Eleonora’s story started when she was 5 years old baking with Nonna Eleonora in the basement of her home. With pride of her Abruzzi, Italian roots, Nonna shared and taught little Eleonora how to make the perfect biscotti.

“I have worked in the hotel industry, with many catering companies as their Executive Chef, and catered to the Film industry too. At the age of 37 I returned to University and earned an Honour’s in Education. Currently I am a culinary teacher in Mississauga and a volunteer Chef at Youth Without Shelter. My passion is to teach the youth of today the joy of cooking and baking in the hopes that they too discover a passion for cooking. I am very active in the school’s community to bring nutritional awareness to the students and parents. In 2006 I started a nutrition program at the school providing nutritious breakfast and lunch to any student that needed it. The program is funded by Breakfast for Kids of Canada and is still running strong!" I remember as a child waking up early to help Nonna bake. She would put her apron on me, tie my hair back with a handkerchief and the baking lesson started.”

Today I share Nonna's baking passion with my son Noah. Together as a mother and son baking team Noah has helped create the most amazing Vegan and Gluten free biscotti for you.

Just like Nonna Eleonora did, we use all natural ingredients and no preservatives.

"I love to bake; I bake with love, so you will love our product."


Hi, my name is Noah and I'm Eleonora’s 3rd son! I am a hockey player who found a side passion for baking. I started the company with my mom one summer as we were brainstorming ways to give people who have food sensitivity more options for sweets. That’s when we came up with biscotti. A recipe from my great nonna that came straight from Italy in the 50's. Then it dawned on us to make these specialty vegan biscotti. Our nonna is freaking out! I am currently going to school to get a degree in baking. Baking is in my DNA as I have grown up with many family members being chefs. I was always intrigued and wanted to learn the ways of homemade Italian food but more importantly the sweets that nonna makes.

My nonna and nonno owned a restaurant in the heart of Little Italy in Toronto. Eleonora and I thought we could bring back the authentic Italian style baked goods by bringing back Eleonora’s and renaming it Eleonora’s Handcrafted Biscotti. It brings back lots of memories that I am able to provide delicious sweets for everyone who has sensitivity to gluten or is vegan. My nonno and great-nonna would be very proud that my mother and I are bringing their dreams back to life.